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Tea and Talk Feedback

Thank you to those parents who attended our recent ‘Tea and Talk’ afternoon.

As always, your feedback is extremely important to us and we take all suggestions made at these sessions seriously.

With regards the points raised on 26 January, please see below the feedback for parents since the meeting:

- Length of the transition period when children start in Early Years

• I am pleased to advise I have spoken to the Early Years Team, and we will be reviewing the length of the transition period for our September 2024 intake.

- A list of school clubs being made available to parents

• With regards the clubs, a list of the current school clubs is available on the school website and on the notice boards. We have been in touch with James from Little Musketeers and are in talks with the possibility of starting the club again after half term.

- Suggestions for fundraising for the ‘Friends of Robert Drake’

• The ‘Friends of Robert Drake’ were extremely thankful for the suggestions made (for example, wristbands for the inflatables) and will take these on board when planning the summer fun day.

It is lovely being able to chat to the Robert Drake parents and carers in an informal setting and to listen to your thoughts and we appreciate you taking the time to come and talk to us.

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